Our beautiful resin coasters are lovingly made by hand. I use high quality products to ensure perfect products every time! These coasters can be made with any colour, so they can go perfectly with the colour scheme of your room, how perfect is that? Please  provide me with as much informaton as you can in the personalisation box, the more specific the better!



 Please note, all coasters are made to order and are unique therefore each set might be slightly different from the one on the photos . Products used are exactly the same, but patterns and the way the Resin moves and sets might be slightly different, I have no control over its movements during this process. 

Agate Inspired resin coasters

  • When you receive the coasters, do not place hot cups on them for 2-3 weeks as the resin still needs to fully cure. Because it's made to order, I only allow them to cure for a few days which is safe to use and ship.
    One side is a little rough on the surface due to its design where the gold flakes can stick out a tiny bit, that side goes up , it's not meant to touch the table. Only the smooth side is the side down on the table.

    Do not stack them on top of one another during this time either. You might see some tiny gaps on the edges, that's normal with resin as this is not glass, please do not confuse this with "damaged" item. It will have gaps created during the process which is actually air bubbles during the curing process and beyond my control. However, it will not undermine the quality and purpose of the item.


    Once the items have fully set, please do not place VERY hot cups on them, as this can mark the coasters. Anything hotter than 90c isnt suitable for these coasters. 

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